The Rockwell Jupiter support kit is out of stock.  Therefore the GPSkit2 and GPSkit3 is not available anymore.

The GPSkit1 (Rockwell module + supercap + 20p connector + mcx cable) are as of half nov. 2004 also out of stock  Effectively this means that the GPSkit project is frozen for the time being.

In the mean time we have an option on a series of other GPS modules, based on a SiRF chipset.  They are the same in size are also a bit older (1999) and have about the same specifications as the Rockwell Jupiter modules.  They don't have the 10kHz output but they do have 1PPS, are NMEA0183 v 2.2 and SiRF binary compatibe.

We are doing experiments with this module to see if it is a good followup for the Rockwell Jupiter modules.  The module in question is the Leadtec 9520, which is form-factor compatible with the Rockwell Jupiter.

Also read the announcements in the forum

The active mini GPS antenna is not available anymore.  Instead the somewhat larger active GPS antenne's is available now, also with 5m cable and a MCX connector to connect it directly to the GPS module.  The price has gone down from 27 to 22 euro.

Joop - Eindhoven - NL

last update: Nov 23th  2004