Active GPS antenne

The optional active GPS antenna has the following specifications:

Size L*W*H: 50 x 39 x 16 mm, weight 36 grams without cable, 105 grams with cable.
Cable: 5 meter RG174, connector: crimped-on MCX male.
Construction: patch antenna with ceramic dieelectricum. F0=1575,42 MHz
Radiation pattern: right-hand circular, peak gain >3dBi, gain coverage >-4dBi from -90 < 0 < 90 degrees
Mounting: magnetic.
Integrated smd preamplifier, 27dB gain typical and 1,5dB noise figure.
Attenuation of unwanted signals: >30dB at Fo +/- 100MHz
Power supply via cable, 3 to 5 V at 15mA max..
Fully waterproof

Picture zoomed on the antenna and connector.