Active mini GPS antenne

The optional active mini GPS antenna has the following specifications:

Size L*W*H: 34 x 25 x 11 mm, weight 30 grams (without cable).
Cable: 5 meter RG174, connector: molded-on MCX male.
Construction: patch antenna with ceramic dieelectricum. F0=1575,42 MHz
Radiation pattern: right-hand circular, -1dB on 10 degrees and +5dB on 90 degrees elevation.
Mounting: magnetic or screws.
Integrated smd preamplifier, 28dB gain and 1,5dB noise figure.
Attenuation of unwanted signals: min. 20dB at F0 +/- 50MHz
Power supply via cable, 3 to 5 V at 14mA.
Fully waterproof

Pictue zoomed on the antenna and connector.

To satisfy your (and our!) curiousity without damaging your antenna we opened one and inspected the interior carefully.

Picture of upper side of the opened antenna.

You can see the Patch antenna with the very special high-Er (40) ceramic dielectrical material that makes it possible for the antenna to be so small and yet be in resonance at 1575 MHz (19cm).

Picture of bottom side of the opened antenna.

The SMD preamplifier with filter.