Description Euro
GPSkit 1:   For the real die-hard homebrewers who does not need a support kit, just the bare GPS
module with a 0,22F supercap, a 20p 2mm female PCB connector and a 40cm teflon coax cable
with a crimped-on MCX connector.
GPSkit 2:   The support kit for the Rockwell Jupiter GPS module including GPS module.
                                                                                                              (temporary out of stock)
GPSkit 3:   The support kit for the GPS module, build and tested.  Including the GPS module
                                                                                                              (temporary out of stock)
Optional items:
0,22F Supercap for mounting on the GPS module (already included in GPSkit 1) 2,50
3,6V NiCd cell for longer clock/ram backup (makes supercap redundant). (temporary out of stock) 6,00
Strapu project box for this kit (ABS, black, no holes)                                 (temporary out of stock) 6,50
Active GPS antenna with 5 m cable and MCX connector 22,00
Do-it-yourself cablekit  (please mention supply from PS/2 or USB connector) 2,00
CDrom with documentation (only with GPSkit 1, 2 or 3) free

The Do-it-yourself cablekit contains:
- 1,5m flat 8 wire cord with RJ45 connector
- 25 cm flat 8 wire cord with DB9 female connector
- 40 cm thin tefloncoax with MCX connector
- 20cm cable with mini-din connector (keyboard cable) to get 5V supply from laptop.
  We can also supply a USB cable to tap 5V from your PC/Laptop. (1 euro extra)
- 2 male RJ45 connectors for do-it-yourself cable (crimp-tool not included!)

There is NO documentation included with the kit.  All nessecary information is available on this web site or on the cd-rom.  The cd-rom contains the complete web site and lots of additional info, 80MB in total.

All diagrams and PCB layout is for personal use only.
last update: Sept-15  2004

Postage and packing is not included in the above prices.