Introduction in the GPS system for beginners

Garmin GPS Guide for Beginners


Introduction in the GPS system for advanced ( 215 pages)


NMEA communications protocol


Rockwell binairy communications protocol



Minimal diagram for connection of Rockwell GPS module on laptop

DK7IN's website:

APRS links:

IRDA Infrared interface:



GPSMON is a DOS program that is made by Rockwell specially for the Jupiter modules.  The program communicaties in NMEA0183 mode as well as in Rockwell binary mode.  In binary mode you get much more details about reception quality and other details about the satellites and the receiver.  It is also possible to change a lot of parameters in the receiver.
The program works fine on Windows 2000 in tekst mode.  There is also a Windows version but it seems to be not quite as powerful.  The manual of GPSMON is contained within the 190 pages document "designerguide.pdf" that can be downloaded here or is available .


Generic GPS monitor programs

Csigps, VisualGPS

CSIGPS and VisualGPS are NMEA monitor windows programs that can store and display the received data grafically.

Compacte Windows application for GPS monitoring.

More extensive windows GPS monitoring application.

WinPlotGPS is a Microsoft Windows based program that displays the data from one or two GPS receivers on a map


Mapping software

GPSS homepage:
Ozie Explorer:
Linux gps mapping software:



Comparitive tests of different GPS modules

Jupiter GPS module compared with a militairy GPS receiver


GPS & Timing


Tardis is a Windows clock synchronisation program that also can use the GPS data if a GPS receiver is connected to a serial port.  It has a generic NMEA mode that works with the Rockwell Jupiter receiver.  But the best synchronisation is achived when Tardis is configured to communicatie with a "Kallisto klok module". In this mode there is a very accurate synchronisation.  Tardis is shareware.


NMEAtime is a windows clock synchronisation program that can use the 1PPS hardware puls from the GPS module to synchronize the PC's real-time clock

Timeserv for Windows NT:



Source code for implementation of NTP  protocol, with GPS support.


Frequency standard locked on GPS


Radiopropagation research with chirpsounders and GPS




Homebrew GPS antenna

A very simpel GPS antenne