Rockwell Jupiter GPS module documentation.

All available documentation of the Rockwell Jupiter series GPS modules is brought here together.


These 2 PDF documents contain all documentation of the Rockwell Jupiter GPS module as it is available via us.

Datasheet Jupiter GPS Receiver (Part No. TU30-D140-221/231). size 1.3MB, 18 pages, date: jan. 1998

Zodiac GPS Receiver Family Designer’s Guide. size 3.8MB, 192 pages, date: feb. 1999


The following PDF files contain information of older or newer versions of the Rockwell Jupiter serie OEM GPS modules.

Zodiac GPS Receiver Version 2.30. 12 pages, size 60kB, date: mar. 1999

The Zodiac Chipset Message Protocol. 6 pages, size 31kB, date: sep 1999

Zodiac GPS Receiver Built-In Test Results. 1 page, size 12kB, date: feb. 2000

Jupiter 5V GPS Receiver, v2.30 Software Release, 17 pages, size 510kB, date: mar. 2000

Zodiac Software v3.00. 19 pages, size 147kB, date: feb 2001

Zodiac serial data specification. 84 pages, size 710kB, date: sep. 1996

Zodiac GPS Receiver Family Designer’s Guide. 142 pages, size 1.6MB, date: dec. 1996

Datasheet Jupiter GPS Receiver TU30-D140-211/221/231. size 1.3MB, 19 pages, date: sept. 1998

Datasheet Jupiter GPS Receiver (Part No. TU30-D140-141/151) 18 pages, size 1.4MB, date: may 1997


Drawings and photo's of the Rockwell Jupiter support kit

Schematic diagram GPS kit: large 2340*1650: Download. medium 1170*825: Download

Component placement GPS kit pcb: Download

Component overview of the GPS support kit: 2400*1700, 400kB: Download. 1000 * 700: Download

Photo of build GPS kit support PCB: 2400 * 1700, 200 kB: Download. 1000 * 700: Download.

Photo of the SMD Transzorb on the solderside: Download. zoomed: Download.

Photo of complete mounted GPS receiver in case etc. 2400*1700, 400kB Download



Labmon software for testing the GPS module and developers of applications for the Rockwell Jupiter GPS module.

Labmon for DOS (330kB executable)  Labmon C source (240kB zip)

Labmon for Windows (Windows 2000/XP)